Do I need prior experience in yoga? What level is the yoga?
You don’t need any prior experience. Anyone from a beginner to a more experienced practitioner can attend the retreat. Because the classes are small and personalized we meet you at your level and work from there.

When is arrival and check-out?
You can arrive anytime after noon. Most guests leave after the morning yoga and breakfast, around noon, unless their travel plans require leaving earlier.

Will I learn meditation at the Sewall House Yoga Retreat?
Every morning we offer a silent meditation, while the afternoon class offers chanting and breathing meditations. As with yoga, you can go as deep or stay as basic as you wish. Many of the practices we offer at Sewall House are in place to give you more options to include in your lifestyle and practice when you return home.

What kind of food does Sewall House Yoga Retreat serve?
In keeping with traditional yogic values, we serve a vegetarian menu. Our food is ample, tasty, mostly organic, and prepared in our kitchen. We serve homemade items such as granola made with gluten-free, organic oats,  breads, jams and nut butters for breakfast, in addition to yogurt, cheese, and fruit. We usually offer eggs or pancakes on weekends.

Examples of our main dishes include veggie burgers, chili, soups, and different types of curries. Our dinners are followed by desserts such as cookies, brownies, and raw items. Most of our food is naturally gluten-free and vegan options are readily available. Let us know about any food allergens ahead of time so we are aware. Please also note that if you require all meals to be gluten-free or completely vegan, a $20 charge per person, per day applies.

Do you serve coffee and tea?
We offer coffee and tea, including homemade caffeine-free chai, the original yogi tea.

Do you offer alcohol?
Sewall House Yoga Retreat does not serve or allow alcohol.

Can I bring my pet?
We have 2 cats and one well-behaved dog on the premises, so only under special consideration can we invite other pets in fairness to the other guests. Please inquire!

How long should I stay?
We suggest a minimum of 5 days so you can truly unwind, enjoy the retreat and surrounding areas. Depending on how long you’d like to reap the benefits of the daily schedule, you could book 3 days, 5 days, or even a 1-week or 2-week yoga retreat!

How do I get there and where are you exactly in Maine?
We are in the northern part of Maine, in the town of Island Falls, which is in the southern part of Aroostook County. The area is known for Baxter State Park, Mount Katahdin, and the surrounding lakes.

We are only 30 miles from the Canada-United States border, so bring your passport! The bordering town in the United States is Houlton. In Canada the bordering town is Woodstock, which is 92 km west of Fredericton, the quaint, artsy capital of New Brunswick.

You can fly into Bangor — which is closer — or Portland. From the airports you can catch a bus or rent a car. We provide Bangor airport pickup and drop-off for a fee. If you’d like to drive to Sewall House Yoga Retreat, we are conveniently located only about a mile off Interstate 95.

What we are ✅

Sewall House Yoga Retreat is a Wise, Mature Yoga Home filled with Love and Authenticity
  • We are place to restart or reboot your daily yoga practice
  • We are a home of intention and yogic lifestyle where you can kick back, relax, adventure, and heal
  • We are a great place for outdoor enthusiasts to visit local lakes and hike wilderness parks
  • We are a nurturing place for couples to reconnect, travel, and practice yoga together
  • We are privately owned and operated by yogis for yogis since 1997
  • We are in a small, rural historic town with fewer than 800 friendly locals
  • We are a home on the National Register of Historic Places where Theodore Roosevelt often stayed
  • We are experienced teachers and staff who are open, loving, warm, and wise
  • We are a healing place of support and strength to support you through life’s transitions
  • We are open to your questions before and during your retreat
  • We are animal lovers with 3 pets on board
  • We have private bedrooms for everyone
  • We foster days of fluidity and equanimity
  • We are only a half-hour drive from Canada (bring your passport!)

What we are not ❌

  • We are NOT on the coast — but we are a short drive from amazing lakes and rivers
  • We are NOT touristy, impersonal, and stuffy — we always customize your personal yoga retreat to match your experience and ability
  • We are NOT near restaurants — but 3 vegetarian meals a day are included for every guest
  • We are NOT place to party — we do not serve or allow alcohol, meat, or recreational drugs
  • We are NOT crowded — our yoga retreats usually have only 3 to 5 guests
  • We are NOT trendy — we cater to anyone who truly wants to embrace an authentic yogic lifestyle