Reviews & Testimonials

What our Guests are saying…

“A belated but heartfelt thank you for the wonderful experience for Suzanne and I. We loved the experience – combination of healthy food (delicious), healthy body (yoga) and healthy mind- beautiful Maine with waterfalls. lakes, flowers, greenery and kind people. What a great time we had. I am recommending to friends and coworkers. ( my sister and I will come). Most of all thank you for the positive direction in my life. I eat much healthier, practice yoga 3-5 x a week, a good start! You were fantastic! Keep up the good work in your lives and the effort to make the world a better place.”
Linda A Lynbook, NY

“Just a note to say thank you for a wonderful spiritual retreat at Sewall House. Michelle and I enjoyed our time there together so much. Doing yoga together brought us closer than we had ever been. Each morning since we have been home the yoga mats come out and we did the tape we bought from you on our living room floor. She left to go back to Arizona today. She made me a promise to continue yoga while she is gone. It makes me feel still connected to her. Hope you have continued success at your home for healing.”
Dottie L, MA (and daughter Michelle from Arizona)

“Donna’s YTT was a uniquely energizing, empowering, and educational experience like no other. The intimate setting allows for plenty of time to discuss any questions or confusions on each student’s individual level. I loved the opportunity to teach several times, with valuable feedback from other trainees as well as guest students. Donna is a passionate, encouraging, intelligent, and inquisitive teacher. Her energy is wonderful for the teaching that she does, and I am so fortunate to have been a part of it.”
Asha, Chicago, IL

“I am a Sewall House regular, returning each year in the last few years. I always think my upcoming visit cannot top my last, but somehow it always does. This year the other guests were even more comfortable to hang out with–in the yoga studio, at the dinner table, and on Loon Ledge on the Lake–than ever before, but if I wanted solitude, I could drift away to my spacious, charming bedroom for an afternoon siesta–or stroll the tiny town to browse the consignment shop or just gaze at the island in the falls. They are always improving their home: a fresh new bathroom downstairs makes everything even more inviting. And yoga with Donna is the best: I always think I will be too sore to take the next class, but I always take it, and I never feel more flexible and balanced than when I am at Sewall House. I don’t know how it could get better, but I know I’ll be back next year to find out. I love the William and Mary room for its cozy bed and antique quilt with squares featuring state birds. William and Mary were Donna’s great-grandparents, and if you want to more of the history of Aroostook County, just ask.”
Nancy, Monterey, CA

“This has been a truly fantastic week! I cannot honestly imagine having spent this week anywhere else. This was the experience I needed to recharge, reassess, regroup and get back in touch with my mind and body. I am forever grateful to you all for this wonderful experience. You work so hard to make Sewall House and all your guests’ visits special. I really appreciate all the energy and individual attention you gave…from the delicious meals, the amazing yoga, the nonstop gorgeous hikes and outdoor adventures, and the very comfortable accommodations. I am sad to return home tomorrow, but am excited to incorporate all that I have learned into my daily life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Jessica, NY City, NY

“The Yoga was fantastic. Donna was wonderful at keeping Larry motivated and not afraid to experience something (yoga) that was totally new to him. At the same time I never felt like I was doing a beginner class. If there is such a thing as magic Sewall House performs it in an extraordinary way. Leaving here relaxed and filled with happiness.”
Maria Elena and Larry, New York City

“I admire your vision, your practice and your hearts. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.”

“Thanks for hosting us on our 9th anniversary. I had a wonderful time and thoroughly enjoyed the practice, the music and the conversation.”
Mark, Arizona

“What a treasure you have created through your vision, dedication, talent and compassion. I trusted my intuition when I “happened upon” Sewall House online. so glad I did. I was seeking a beautiful place where I could spend time being mindful and practicing yoga. I got the gorgeous surroundings, the daily intentional yoga practice, and the space just to be. Your open nature and warmth (and that of your guests) far surpassed my expectations. I truly felt embraced and taken care of…while free to use my time here however I wanted. So…thank you! I hope to be back next year! Many Thanks!”
Shira, California

“Things were so good the first time (our first anniversary celebration!) we decided to drop in to get some more. And- as before- leaving much better than whence we came. Once again, great food and steps to greater physical and spiritual flexibility and a springboard towards greater tranquility. Looking forward to the cookbook! You’ve inspired us to healthier living!”
Tom & Cassie, Maine

“What a fabulous vacation we had! I couldn’t have been happier with the yoga, especially for the girls. I know they loved it! The food…what can I say? So good! You all took such great care of us, I cannot thank you enough! You have a special house with special people and we are lucky to have been a part of that, even if only for ten days! We love you!”
Paula & The Girls, Tennessee

“I’m now back to Finland & back to work, and I remember the Sewall House with great warmth. I really enjoyed my stay there – it was my most relaxing holiday ever! I loved just about everything: the food, the yoga, the beautiful house etc…Your only fault is that you are so far away! I would love to come back some day. I’m trying to do some Kundalini yoga on my own now, but I think it’s nicer to do it with the group and with the great teacher – thanks Donna! I was happy to find out that some Kundalini classes are available in Helsinki. Unfortunately they are on summer break in July, so I’ll just have to practise on my own for a while…Please say hello and give my thanks to Inga. She’s such a great person, you are so lucky to have her there with you. Thank you for making my vacation so wonderful! I hope I will see you again. All the best!”
Sanna, Ashtanga Practitioner, Helsinki, Finland

“I want to express my deepest gratitude for the grace and service you provided me on my yoga retreat. It was just what the Soul Doctor ordered. You are inspirations in the ways of service, whether it be in yoga classes, hikes, great food or warm company. I came to the Sewall House at a time of great personal transition and new beginnings and you literally and figuratively held my hand and got my back. I feel fully refreshed and stronger in my body and spirit than I have in a great while. You have a magical secret up in Island Falls, Maine, and I for one, am spilling the beans about it to as many people as I can! With love and appreciation to you both as well as to my sweetheart, Inga. And Westie too.”
Eric, NJ

“Thank you so much for another peaceful stay at your home. I came here from a different place this year, fortunately, but the Sewall House has still worked its magic on me. We had a blissful time and I am happy to go home feeling recharged and re-energized. I will continue my yoga practice and be ready for this last trimester and delivery of my baby girl. I Wish you all the happiness in the world. My love to you, until next year.”
Julie, NY

“I can’t thank you all enough for making this an extra special experience for me. You really made me feel like a part of your family. Everything was perfect – the yoga, the nature excursions, the food and the companionship. I got what I came for and some. I will be returning refreshed, rejuvenated and with a new, peaceful and confident perspective on life. You have successfully prepared me to weather the transformation. You have also inspired my yoga practice with new energy. I will certainly be recommending you and the Sewall House to my yoga community. I wish you all the best and am already planning my return trip. Thanks again. Love, joy and peace. Namaste.”
Beverly, Virginia

“Thank you for a wonderful stay at Sewall House. We expected a bit of yoga and rest but found much more. We’re going back home with a much improved yoga and most importantly a very relaxed mind. The food was delicious, every day the sound of the bell meant more surprisingly inventive and tasty food. Our hips will never be the same either, a testament to Donna’s teaching skills and patience. Sewall House is a great retreat for people who are stressed yet looking to take the time to go back to the simple things that matter: great yoga practice, healthy food, beautiful environment and welcoming host. Thank you!”
Elizabeth and David, Brooklyn NY

What Graduates of our Teacher Training are saying…

“I wanted to experience the life of a real yogi and Donna is really one! She has tremendous experience in kundalini and hatha. She is a natural teacher. We also had the chance to be introduced to other types of yoga like yoga nidra, restorative, anusara, which deepened my understanding of yoga in general. We were lucky to get help from Nadja, Jarrod, Hannah and Rusty, and Gro who added a special touch to the training. I recommend this training offered in a historical setting and very family-orientated. It is ideal for yogis who do not want to be just a number in training.”
Claudia, Belgium

“If you are looking for a focused learning environment in which you will learn with a total of 5 or fewer students from a yoga practitioner with DECADES of experience and immersion in kundalini and multiple hatha forms of yoga, you have arrived at the right place. If you are interested in the real depth of yoga rather than a “yoga-as-calisthenics” practice, then you are at the right place. If you can imagine being out under the trees or high above a rushing river in Island Falls Maine, reading and discussing aloud Pantajali’s Sutras in their entirety as a foundation for understanding yoga through thousands of years and into your and your future student’s practices, then you have arrived at the right place. If daily immersion in the practice of kundalini and hatha yogas along with restorative/supportive practices and yoga nidra experiences is of value to you, then you are in the right place. If you want to learn much more about anatomy, restorative yoga, the deep history of yoga through the ages, deep relaxation, and be introduced to yoga’s enormous benefits for many specialized populations, then you have come to the right place. Donna Amrita Davidge could not be a more devoted teacher, nor, I think, will you find another teacher who has spent the years she has learning from other Master teachers in Kundalini, Ashtanga and Iyengar, to name three. And this does not mean she took a few classes for exposure. It means she has spent years in these classes committed to deep learning on all levels that only comes through time and the intensity of focus she has invested. If this is not enough, then imagine some of the most delicious meals on the planet, all vegetarian but modified on request to meet individual needs, and private accommodations in a vintage 1800s house with 1800s vintage peonies blooming by the porch, along with a cacophony of other flowers and gorgeous old, old, old trees on the property. Then imagine a spacious, serene yoga studio and jacuzzi and sauna. Although this is an intense (in the most positive connotations of the word) training and not a vacation, it occurs in a wonderfully supportive environment to be remembered always and cherished. You won’t regret it – not a second of it. Amazing. Just amazing.”
Mary Lewis, Georgia

“I had been a guest at the Sewall House for a number of summers before I decided that this would be where I wanted to take my yoga teacher training. Why with Donna? I had explored a number of training options and soon realized that my learning style was best suited to a personalized environment, with fewer rather than many students. Sewall House certainly offered that, as conversations with Donna emphasized no more than four to five students in any training. I also wanted to train in an intensive setting, rather than spreading learning over many months – something my full-time work schedule would find difficult to accommodate. Donna was willing to let me split the 3 weeks of training across two time periods, and this was especially helpful. But ultimately I decided to do the training with someone I had learned to admire over a number of years of visiting – someone who emphasized the full breadth of the yoga lifestyle. I knew I would be learning about asanas and anatomy, but more importantly, I would also have the opportunity to reflect deeply on what it means to live a yogic lifestyle. The intimate setting at Sewall provides many opportunities to delve into how to live well with others – with teachers, other students, and visiting guests. That setting also affords one the chance for multiple teaching opportunities – and getting feedback from guests! Being part of a small community also offers opportunities to engage in karma yoga – of being of service to the community, to ensure a good experience for everyone who walks through the doors. The intensive training experience means the days are long, the information plenty, and the internal reflection intense. Yet out of this crucible one emerges with a deep sense of what it means to deeply commit to a lifelong yoga practice, and how to share that practice with others. One is challenged to ponder one’s ethics, deeply held beliefs, and prejudices. It is this full commitment by Donna to examining how best to effect that union between body, mind, and soul that drew me to this training, and that I am so grateful for today. If this is what you desire for your own journey, then Donna’s training at Sewall House is one I highly recommend.”
Loretta Goodwin, Maryland

“After searching for yoga teacher training programs, by chance I came upon Sewall House Yoga Retreat. I read the curriculum, and I felt this was real. Amrita (Donna) was very easy to talk to about starting and preparing for the training. I was sold on the curriculum and the intimacy of the place. During the training, every day, I thought how lucky I was to be there. Definitely, Amrita is a true teacher who lives by the yoga practice, shares her experiences as a yoga teacher and practitioner, and gives everything to her students so they can succeed. I was very touched by what this teacher had to give. After the training, Amrita is still a mentor and a teacher to me. Any time I have questions professionally or as a yoga practitioner, she is there to reach. The compliments from people coming to my classes are: “This is HOW a yoga class should be taught,” and “Why aren’t all the other yoga classes like this?” My understanding, and being able to share with others are testimony of Amrita’s training and mentoring during and after the training.”
A Jimena

“The Sewall House Yoga Teacher Training is the most exciting thing that has happened to me in a long time.”
Carolyn, Bangor, ME

“As a wholefoods chef, the Yoga Teacher Training at Sewall House added yet another dimension to my belief in a healthy, healing lifestyle.”
Ilia Regini, Weschester, NY

“Things that I love about my training: the people that I was privileged to share 27 days with, the fact that you started with the yoga sutras gave me the basis of what yoga could potentially do…ELEVATE OUR CONSCIOUSNESS…which collectively will elevate the consciousness of our planet. That is something that was very important to me as a yoga practitioner. I loved the accessibility of all involved but especially YOU. I think the smaller group and the close proximity of our day-in and day-out schedule contributed to my own growth. Although I wasn’t thinking about teaching Kundalini yoga the Kundalini offerings contributed the most to my own personal growth. Thank you for requiring us to do a forty-day discipline!!!! I think it would be an absolute benefit to anyone seeking to grow as a yoga teacher and practitioner. I really haven’t felt as moved or peaceful since our yoga practice together. I also haven’t appreciated the smell or taste of my first morning cup of coffee as much either. The accommodations were wonderful and the food was fabulous!”
Donna Crozier, Portland, ME

“I’ve always been interested, especially Kundalini yoga. However, I hadn’t really thought about taking a teacher training until I visited Sewall House last year. Sewall House is a serene place, perfect to get immersed in training. I enjoyed my three-week intensive training and learned a lot from Donna. She covered so many topics that really helped me understand the origins of yoga and that it’s so much more than just about asanas. Donna not only brings theory to the training, she also speaks from experience from her many years as a teacher and small business owner, which is why I enjoyed the training so much. After all, theory only gets you so far and you want to have a teacher that can also address how to deal with difficult situations, create space, and much more. I haven’t taught yet but the training has advanced my own yoga practice because I have so much more background on why we do the poses And meditations we do. I do plan to teach one day but in the meantime, I take different classes to continue learning.”
Nadja, Washington, D.C.

“This was a great and calming experience, where I (as someone very new to the practice) learned a lot about Yoga and the different styles/practices. This is particularly great if you’re new to yoga or just experienced in one style – I found that Svaroopa (that I had never heard of previously) was the style I most gravitate toward and enjoy, something I never would’ve found if I hadn’t attended. Everyone was so kind and helpful, and Island Falls/upper Maine is a beautiful area that is extremely conducive for reflection and relaxation. As someone who is not at all flexible or athletic, I was never made to feel like I didn’t belong, and many modifications/suggestions to work with injuries were provided. This has provided me with the opportunity and confidence to continue my yoga journey. I also met some truly amazing people and got to spend time at what might be the world’s most beautiful lake, so I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to spend a week here!”
Kate Archibald