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Keenly interested in health and exploration, Donna “Amrita” Davidge is a highly experienced 500 E-RYT yoga teacher with a master’s degree in nutrition.

Donna took her first yoga class in 1973, but it was not until 1985 that she discovered yoga was her life’s work. She began practicing and studying Yoga as a powerful tool for healing and personal growth.

Guided by her yoga teacher, Ravi Singh, Donna became a yoga teacher herself within a year, and she has been a full-time yoga and meditation teacher ever since. You can find Donna at Sewall House, which she purchased and opened as a yoga retreat in 1997, in the summer, and at Pure Yoga in New York City at during the winter. Donna has taught tens of thousands of hours of yoga in groups and privately, as well as in workshops throughout the northeastern USA, Canada, Italy, and Costa Rica.

Donna views yoga as a way to grow by studying the physical and emotional marks our life has made on us. Donna believes that happiness is our birthright, so she explores ways to serve her students by helping them find health and joy.

In 1997 Donna purchased Sewall House — which was built by her great-grandfather in 1865, in Island Falls, Maine — to keep her family’s legacy alive. She turned the historic home into a yoga retreat, and offered its first Yoga Teacher Training in 2009 with a small group of committed students.

In 2019 Donna published her memoir, Balancing with Bunions, which is available in Kindle, paperback, and Audible editions.

Donna has appeared in print, on radio, and on television, including on Martha Stewart and Good Morning America. Her yoga video The Challenge was chosen Top 10 by Yoga Journal in 2000. In 2004 Donna produced two yoga DVDs, The Awakening and Flexibility and the Spine. All are available on

Donna’s mission in 1997, when she purchased Sewall House, was threefold:

  1. To preserve the legacy of her family’s historic home, where a young Theodore Roosevelt was healed of asthma and created lifelong friendships
  2. To introduce people to the healing attributes of the natural wonders of northern Maine
  3. To share the tools of Yoga and Meditation by customizing all instruction to the level of the student

That threefold mission persists to this day, making Sewall House the premier yoga retreat in Maine and New England.

E-YRT 500 | Yoga Alliance


Ajeet Khalsa by Melissa Stissi

Ajeet enjoys collaborating with Sewall House each year to bring soulful recognition to the healing arts.  As a Meditation teacher, Reiki Master, and Yogini, she helps bring your retreat experience to a deeper and more joyful level. A spiritual ally, she’ll help you make change with an emphasis on physically, emotionally, and personally navigating issues of past trauma, family relationships, and loss.

She is a registered Yoga Alliance Teacher-Trainer in Kundalini Yoga and Svaroopa© yoga. She is a certified Holy Fire Reiki master and Mental Health process facilitator in the Acceptance & Integration (AAIT) method. Now in her 9th season at Sewall House, her mission is holding space for those visiting our retreat to embody a deeper balance within themselves, discovering the freedom, joy, and true happiness that daily quiet breathing practices bring to the Self.

Ajeet’s Life and Work

A continuous learner in Eastern and Indigenous traditions, Ajeet has spent more than 40 years studying therapeutic processes focused on holistic healing, and natural living, including Cob-Building, Forest bathing, Open Mindfulness, and Wise Woman Herbal Medicine. She’s received healing and education in the Alexander Technique, Authentic Movement, Compassionate Listening, and Sacred Music. She’s a certified Svaroopa© yoga teacher and a student of Tibetan Buddhism.

In her Yogic and Restorative practices, artistry marries practical healing techniques. Using skills gathered from her diverse, professional experience as a modern dancer and theatre artist for over 20 years, Ajeet creatively guides you through simple themes in yoga class that are easy to grasp and implement in your daily life when you return home.

In her own life, Ajeet also loves working with medicinal plants. She is an avid gardener, and a gatherer of roadside flowers to make into medicine.  She’s also learned how to create a symbiotic relationship with the earth by studying the natural intricate architecture of clay-straw and mud-building with Sigi Koko.

Ajeet with Flowers by Melissa StissiTo achieve a more natural and communal state with others, she has lived in various intentional, artistic communities where life is viewed as a symbiosis of sustainable, vibrant freedom and adventure. Her vision is building her cob hermitage.

Why Yoga? At age 16, Ajeet’s mother succumbed to complications of manic-depressive disorder. With little ground to stand on, she began a lifelong search for the truest expression of motherly love. She’s found it in the Divine, Creative Community. She knew her life was meant for deep exploration, as did her Mama Bett.

Over time, Ajeet has developed a kind and deep relationship with yoga, spirit, and nature, and a sense of intimacy with the forests (also known as re-wilding). In her healing practices, Ajeet now helps seekers and students find a joyful relationship with their natural and most intimate, capital S, Self!

Ajeet is also the author of Color Me Yoga, a full-size coloring book and yoga class for Teachers and Parents, with instructional rhyme, a coloring page, and a caption to clarify each yoga movement. The coloring pages bring a special sort of interactivity to the class; kids learn foundational exercises like Baby’s Pose, Cobbler’s Pose, Triangle, and Peaceful Breathing alongside funny bone–tickling new ones like Dancing Spider, Fruit Soup, and Washing Machine Pose.

Color Me Yoga is available for purchase at Sewall House or you can buy it online at Amazon. Enjoy yoga with the little ones you care for—and who care so well for you!

Dynamic Healing Sessions offered by Ajeet at Sewall House

Ajeet Khalsa in the Forest by Melissa StissiOnce you arrive at Sewall House, Ajeet lovingly offers the following services that can be booked as private sessions for deeper healing,  personal attention, and more profound forgiveness and understanding.

Ajeet’s private healing sessions are extremely personalized to your needs.

Lying still, focused inward in a healing atmosphere can help you reach deeper places while on retreat. When working with your inner self, you’re empowered to not only see, but accept, and gently integrate the gnarly, polarizing bits of the self that get in the way of true spiritual mastery and growth—achieving lasting and deep resolve to continue practicing as you go forward in life.

Ajeet helps you resolve and dissolve seemingly insurmountable issues with loving grace and ease, notwithstanding a few tears! In either counseling or Reiki sessions, you tap into hidden areas with a keen eye toward accepting and integrating your emotions so you go on with your life in a robust, insightful way.

Ajeet In The Forest #2 by Melissa StissiAcceptance, Integration & Forgiveness:  Ajeet studied with Melanie McGee, LCSW to learn profoundly simple yet deeply healing processes that help unwind and dissipate years of suffering.  Each session involves exploration and meditation interaction.  Prime Energy Activation and Transcendence help you activate and transcend emotional charge within the body and mind. “ When an individual can simultaneously experience two opposing states, the problem built upon those states tends to vanish.”

Acceptance-based integrative healing restores inner balance, helps you transcend problems and returns us to a serene, peaceful state. Understanding the inner meaning of personalized trauma, life problems, or work-related stress helps us to accept, forgive, and then transcend our perceptions, problems, and pain into our Self-loving presence.

Holy Fire Reiki: Trauma and pain are stored and manifest in the body. In these private hands-on bodywork sessions, Ajeet works with you on the floor, tending to the physical, and energetic body to find its blissful place and release stored tension. In the healing paradigm of light and expansiveness, Reiki is especially beneficial to those who experience unpleasant, daily sensations of mental or muscle fatigue, tightness, soreness, and recurring states of negative behavior.  It’s great to say you’ll do something, it takes practice, clarity, and a change in your habits to revitalize your body with pure light energy.  Reiki helps. It immediately brings you into a quiet and relaxed state, dissolving tension lovingly and finding time and space to start anew.

Ajeet’s photos by Melissa Stissi.


meditation teacher

Pnina Zmora has amassed a wealth of knowledge in many different healing modalities throughout her 25-year spiritual journey.

She started that journey in 1997, studying self-awareness and guided imagery with her meditation teacher Yafa Alfi in Tel Aviv, Israel. In 2008 she became a Reiki Master and Spiritual Counselor under the teachings of Margaret Ann Case at the Open Center NY. Pnina continued her Reiki study with Pamela Miles and volunteered at the rape crisis center at St. Vincent Hospital for alternative holistic treatment. She was also ordained through the Sanctuary of the Beloved by Rev. Dan Chesbro.

In 2010 Pnina traveled to India, the first of many trips, where she started her path in Brigu Yoga with Shiv Shankar Tripathi. She would later continue her study and practice with Shani Kedar Sabag in Israel. In 2014 she completed Power by Opposites Yoga Therapy Level I, instructed by Michael R. Gilbert in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

In 2015 Pnina found out that she had fractured two vertebrae in her back. Doctors told her that sooner or later she’d be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life. This strengthened her resolve in her spiritual journey, and that same year she became a Certified Biorgonomy Practitioner under the teachings of Noga Gazit in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Pnina continued to expand her understanding and knowledge in vibrational healing modalities and was certified as a ThetaHealing Practitioner in the following courses: Basic DNA (Miriam Agnon – Kefar Saba, Israel), Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Manifestation & Abundance, Intuitive Anatomy, Soulmate, Game of Life (Dawn Maree – Big Fork, Montana).

salad and wrap by PninaIn 2016 Pnina completed the following courses in Recall Healing with Gilbert Renand, Ph.D.: Recall Healing Level I, Recall Healing Level II, & Behind the Shadow of Depression, Addictions, and OCD, in Tel Aviv, Israel.

In 2017 she completed her Instructor Certification in Basic & Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper, Soulmate, and Manifestation & Abundance under the founder of ThetaHealing, Vianna Stibal (Big Fork, Montana).

Pnina’s joy and fulfillment comes from learning, so she won’t stop studying. Most recently, Pnina completed 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification with Anna Winkler & Donna Davidge at the Dharmakaya Center for Well-Being.

Pnina will be in Sewall Yoga Retreat in Maine from July 10th to August 15th as a yoga teacher to share her knowledge about Raja Yoga and also to cook healthy, delicious food. She will be offering private Reiki sessions as well as personalized one-day silence/mindful retreats at guests’ request.


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