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Yoga Nidra – Guided Meditation


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YOGA NIDRA is a type of yoga that involves deep states of relaxation and is done lying down.

Our Yoga Nidra Meditation offers 40 minutes of guidance to help release mental, physical and emotional stress.

Yoga Nidra can be practiced by anyone and is always guided by an instructor. It is practiced lying on a yoga mat, a bed, or any other place you can comfortably lie down. While referred to as meditation, the goal of Yoga Nidra is to reach a deeper state of relaxation than other guided meditative techniques, allowing greater healing to take place.

Yoga Nidra not only reduces stress and anxiety levels, it also activates the pineal gland to help us produce more melatonin. This hormone works as a natural antioxidant helping the body regulate blood pressure, cortisol levels, and immune function. Because it works with the autonomic nervous system, Yoga Nidra can be used to ease PTSD symptoms or insomnia.

Give yourself permission to rest and start practicing Nidra guided meditation.

Sewall House Yoga Retreat offers a warm Bed & Breakfast atmosphere filled with antique treasures and books as well as a lovely fireplace for gatherings in the living room. Yoga DVD’s and books are available for use during your stay.

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