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Kundalini Yoga – The Awakening

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“Yoga is the union of mind, body, and breath and is not to be practiced for the glorification of the self but rather for the realization of the Self”

Kundalini Yoga – The Awakening with Dona Amrita Davidge

Since Donna Amrita produced her first video Strength and  Serenity in 1990 the popularity of yoga has exploded. There are many types of yoga and teachers to choose from.

Kundalini  Yoga focuses on the breath; physical poses for flexibility, strength, and endurance and uses of the healing effect of the sound through mantra and music. While not as gymnastic as some forms of yoga, this kundalini set can be used by people of all ages by following the clear instructions given for a physical, mental and breath workout.

Amrita’s second video The  Challenge (1997) was chosen in 2000 by Yoga Journal as the only Kundalini video in their Top Ten Choices.  This sequel has a special section for learning the breath techniques properly, additional poses to enhance your practice and sugged modifications where needed.



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