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Spiritual Herbalism Intensive

August 18, 2022 @ 11:00 am - August 22, 2022 @ 2:00 pm


4-Day Yoga and Herbalism Retreat
Thursday, August 18th to Monday, August 22nd


Have you ever looked out onto a field of flowers and truly heard them talking to you? Plants are living beings, with thousands of years experience in helping humans to heal. In this spiritual herbalism immersion come learn the art of wild-crafting herbs and flowers, rewild yourself into your spiritual essence and be with like-minded flower and plant folk who love to learn from nature.

In this Spiritual Herbalism yoga retreat immersion you will learn the craft of herbalism from a spiritual perspective. Along with daily yoga classes, you’ll also create a variety of salves, tinctures and infusions that nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Each day is a practice of yoga, meditation and plant listening, followed by making herb and flower formulas.

During the immersion we’ll work with a variety of herbs to make rubs and tinctures. Cayenne, arnica, and St. John’s Wort combination creates a warming ligament salve that soothes sore muscles. Lavender, tea tree, and geranium blend to nourish dry skin and calm the nerves and mind. Making local infusions will help you to learn the tincturing process using your own locally foraged herbs and/or wildflowers. Immersion Highlights:

Daily group morning meditation in nature
Daily morning yoga classes that invigorate and revitalize the body
Evening yoga sessions for self-awakening and spiritual insights
Three scrumptious vegan/vegetarian meals per day
Daily Spiritual Herbalism class and Earth body workshop
Plant walks to become present to the natural world, integrating your inner state with that of what the plants give us to heal
Making plant salves, tinctures and medicine to take home

FRIDAY Day 1 Roots and Leaves workshop

  • Finding your roots: history of plants and medicine making
  • Roots vs. Leaves! Root cleaning/chopping when making medicine
  • Harvest times for plants, how to make tincture ratios, and decoctions

SATURDAY Day 2 Plant walk, plant spirit workshop

  • Walk with the weeds: plant identification and usage
  • Preparation for tinctures and herbal infusions
  • Identifying your Plant Ally and why they have always been with you

SUNDAY Day 3 Earth Yoga workshop and Medicine making

  • Preparation of herbs for salve making
  • Kundalini of the Earth workshop– rising awakening from within
  • Making crystal-herb infusions the wise woman way

MONDAY Closing Circle

Making tea infusions for the road

This Herbalism Immersion is an added cost to our Yoga Retreat, which includes all meals, room and board and all yoga classes. 

Add-On Cost for the Spiritual Herbalism Immersion includes all immersion workshops, materials for making your own salve and tinctures and base ingredients and an herbal take home remedy

Cost for Immersion Weekend: $300

 Instructors: Ajeet Khalsa and Iris Hammond
ajeet #7.jpg
 Ajeet Khalsa is a registered yoga teacher trainer and specializes in women’s health and spirituality. She studied with Corrinna Wood of Red Moon Herbs at the Southeast Women’s Herbal Conference for five years. She has led blissful yoga retreats for over 10 years and is especially interested in sharing her wisdom of yoga and plant spirits from her own personal journey. She has learned from Kate Woverman of Wild Mountain Farm, a wise woman herbalist and plant medicine healer, how to tincture and scrub medicinal roots for deeper medicine.  Ajeet has also learned from the plants themselves, showing her how simple medicine-making can be and allowing her to get a glimpse into the ethereal world of sentience with thenatural flowering plant world.
Iris Hammond.jpeg
Iris Hammond is a budding herbalist training under Sajah Popham, Founder of Evolutionary Herbalism. Her practice of herbalism weaves together astrology, alchemy, and plant medicine. Iris spends most of her days (and nights!) making fire cider, teas, oxymels, spagyrics, salves, body oils, and a plethora of other herbal creations. Her passion is to guide others in getting to know plants beyond their anatomical structure, so they can understand the true individual spirit that is specific to each plant–
Ajeet Khalsa
Color Me Yoga
Author and Teacher
Mobile:  865-282-6515



August 18, 2022 @ 11:00 am
August 22, 2022 @ 2:00 pm