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Our annual winter holiday retreat offers yoga twice daily in small personalized classes, home-made healthy yummy cleansing vegetarian food, sauna, massage, a library of wonderful yoga/selfgrowth and non yoga books for your enjoyment by the fireplace, private room and wonderful winter walks, snowshoeing and cross country skiing. Our regular reasonable prices/ see our pricing page- all inclusive packageIMG_0477IMG_0532IMG_0513JDnyEWL04jC-NI4JO4UOJs5LPe6ytNPmcSG72yJbuPU,klO9RWM2SW6NCZywJk-ToOJRKr_afOiUqjGrfJb1ASw, only massages are extra,

What is Selfless Service in Yoga? Karma Yoga or Seva – how do you think about it?

This is my last article for Inner Tapestry, which did not go to Press. The topic given was Selfless Service. I decided to make it a little more personal. For 13 years I have gratefully been asked to write on various topics. Here is the last article- let us know what you think! Thank you!

“If You Have Much Give Of Your Money, If You Have Little Give Of Your Heart”


In 1997, at age forty one, on a wing and a prayer, I approached the three elderly relatives who had inherited our historic family home, where my great aunt had lived until she was one hundred and one. My decision to offer to purchase the house, which had stood empty for eighteen months, was a sentimental one. My humble roots stemmed from a small unknown town in northern Maine. The town was beautiful to me as my mother had seaped a love for these roots into me with summers in a rustic lakeside cabin reachable by no road, far from the suburban pressures of Connecticut city life. Maine offered lessons of nature, including healing. The family home had been originally inhabited by my aunt’s father, my great grandfather William Sewall. He had been the nature guide to a young Theodore Roosevelt for three consecutive fall expeditions, which included climbing Mount Katahdin.  An unlikely lifelong friendship evolved between the two. My great grandfather had been of service to Theodore Roosevelt, the privileged young college student so eager to know more about nature and the people that lived simply among it. The second time my great grandfather was of service when he was called upon to move West and build the ranch where a grieving young Theodore needed his supportive presence.

Nearly 150 years later my staff and I continue to serve others with this belief in the healing attributes of natures’ beauty created here where once lived a small slice of American history. Where can we be of service to others in their life journey and what opportunities arise? How can we create a legacy or carry on another, such as this one, that we are passionate about? Who knows what wonderful lessons lie with the risk of selfless service (called seva or karma yoga in yoga).

Yoga today is a split practice, on the one end a billion dollar industry of commodities and commerce  and on the other end a five thousand year old practice that can heal  prevent physical and mental ailments. It is wonderfully admirable to work for charitable organizations when you have no worries of putting food on your own table. What is more touching is to see one who has little give much of themselves to others with unconditional love. In its brightest light yoga is a practice that serves the innocent, less privileged or injured. In another light yoga has become an elitist practice with high-end clothing, equipment, accessories and studios. Thus goes the polarity in our lives. Without darkness, no light. Without soft, no hard. Without hot, no cold.

A wonderful thing happens when you begin to become of service. Life becomes interesting, more spacious. To work only for your own selfish needs feels very different, out of balance and removed from your heart. Seva allows us to experience compassion and higher awareness or consciousness.

“The dedicated every enjoy peace, purity of heart.”

Ask yourself when and how are you of service? Perhaps your life feels too full of the complexities of your own existence. Yet something amazing can unravel when we put our needs aside to help another. When we put our energy into saving a shelter animal’s life, take a day of our weekend to volunteer at a shelter, give our time to environmental causes we believe in (my past two years has been trying to raise public awareness of the Goliath destructiveness and expense to nature that industrial wind turbines create) or take time to write a note to another in need we feel the reward of unconditional love. There are many moments a day when we can serve another, from a smile to showing up to help a neighbor, friend or stranger who needs our ears, our helping hand, our encouragement- the power of a word, an eye to eye contact, a smile, a soft hand on the shoulder.

These 7 steps give us happiness as taught by Yogi Bhajan:

Note that the 6th step is sacrifice.

1-    Commitment

2-    Builds Character (“JoyceMeyer: A lot of people have a gift that can take them somewhere but not enough character to keep them there.”)

3-    Leads to Dignity

4-    Then Divinity

5-    Grace

6-    Strength to Sacrifice

7-    Happiness

“ I cannot imagine anything nobler or more national that that for, say, one hour in a day, we should all do the labor that the poor must do, and thus identify ourselves with them and thus all mankind.” Gandhi

“Duties to self, to the family, to the country, and the world are not independent of one another. One cannot do good to the country by injuring himself or his family. Similarly one cannot serve the country by injuring the world at large.” Gandhi

I started on a personal note and am ending on one- I hope this reader does not mind that I share part of her message to me as it shows the power of serving yourself and others and never knowing how you touch another. (small parts have been edited to honor her privacy but these are all her words):

“Your words made me stop and think about how disconnected I had become from life itself, with all of this wonderful earth around me, I had forgotten that we are all part of the earth and the earth is part of us.  With that being said, we all are responsible for each other in some way or another.  I work in an environment that is very hostile to my way of thinking.  My point, I have forgotten how to be “human”.  Thank you for your words, They made me stop and think of ways to start to connect with the earth again and find harmony and peace. Thank you.  Yoga is offered here in many places in the valley.  I will find a way to give myself permission to spend time with all that surrounds me.  I also (with my husbands help), am taking of my aging mother whose health is not always the best.  She developed osteoporosis and has reoccurring facture events.  So, you see I will be learning how to give myself permission to attend the yoga classes.   Thank you again.     Peace be with you always,”

When I followed up to see how she was doing:

“I have not found time for yoga.  But this last spring and summer I got walking my “butt” off.  I entered two foot races, I came in a sad last but I finished the races.  I managed to walk off a lot of negative energy and went from a size 10 to a size 4.  Anyway, I also got myself involved in “The Walk for the Cure” here in North Conway.  I am going to be involved again this year.  It is great to be involved with something bigger then me.  Yes my husband and I are still living in Moms’ basement trying to keep her safe. Growing old(for her) has not been something she has embraced as a right of passage.  I feel very sorry for her, she is missing so much of life, and it’s beautiful gifts that a person can enjoy at this time of  life.  Yes I am still working for the same company.  And I quote “it is what I do, not what I am”.  I have not picked up a recent copy of Inner Tapestry in a long time.  But when I do I always look for something from you.  You always seem to be talking to me.  And I thank you for your gift of love, life and peace. ”

IMG_5137I thank Inner Tapestry for these years of opportunity to be of service to others and hope I have touched other’s lives as this precious woman let me know I had touched hers. May you remember to do the same for yourself and others every miracle of a day.   Donna Sewall Davidge (Amrita)


Donna Amrita Davidge has been involved in the healing arts for many years. Donna holds a Masters in Nutrition and has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1985. Her retreat in Island Falls Maine www.sewallhouse.com offers small personalized retreats since 1997 for your healing. See our Trip Advisor reviews and join us on facebook and for our monthly e-newsletter. Thanks for reading!














NOV 16- 24 /Pre Thanksgiving Gratitude Week Is Our Next Retreat at Sewall House

Come alone or with friends/significant others/ mom or sisters for all or part of this peaceful time of the year to retreat in Maine- massage, great yoga, meditation and breathing practices, live soothing music, small classes, private room, sauna and our New England village with nice walks and bike rides, gift shops, Escape from it all! Come for all or part of the week- all levels welcome.

We personalize to your needs! ( Since 1997- teaching yoga since 1985)

Pick your days based on availability. country trailIMG_5010IMG_4976IMG_4937k-exkuEFUe7dAcR9glERy2QqOIIKg2M0gO1trLqApwM,q0_sBAvkDoNCtpgfM96CwMAwrbdhGVRIqzbCioP2yAM,N8LgPN6GqBGWCSr9jBk9ZRTZZd9zBiQ1sI7HLBRye3w-1IMG_4935lake view 3



Some Recent Summer Moments- Come join the fun and great food, yoga and people in the beautiful Maine nature

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Summer Retreats Starting June 28! Come join us for Yoga/Meditation/ Nature/Massage/ Food/ Friendship and More! Here is the Daily Schedule for the writing workshop AUG 16-19 too!

Just like our ongoing retreat schedule but with the added bonus of guided writing

exercises, sharing and time to write on your own too!



8:00-10:00   Morning Meditation/Yoga

10:00          Breakfast

10:30-12:00  Shared Writing Time: Short Writing Exercise & Sharing

12:00-2:00   Inspirational Break (Hike, Walk, Lake Tour, Reading, Biking, Massage)

2:00            Mid-Day Meal


2:30-5:00     Individual Writing Time (or Just Relaxing)


5:30-7:00     Evening Kundalini Yoga & Meditation


7:00            Dinner


8:00-9:00    The Writer’s Life: Discussion of how to make writing a part of your life (optional)IMG_4647


Summer Season Coming UP! Writing Workshop Aug 16- 19/ Teacher Training Aug 23 and ongoing summer yoga retreats!

Yoga/Writing Retreat, Friday August 16 – Monday August 19

A unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a writing retreat fueled by yoga practice and the inspirational surroundings of Maine. Open to all writers, even those that do not yet think of themselves as “writers”, the retreat will offer structured writing exercises, a supportive environment for sharing your work, individual writing time, and tips on how to integrate writing into your life. Rejuvenate your creative spirit. Set intentions during your yoga practice. Dedicate time to your writing passion!

with Donna Amrita Davidge and Maria Massei-Rosato

Donna and Maria Loon Ledge

Donna and Maria Loon Ledge

Maria Massei-Rosato is a published author with an M.F.A in creative non-fiction from The New School, NY.  She has taught poetry workshops for adults and children with developmental disabilities. Maria has also attended the Harvard Business School Executive Education for High-Potential Leaders and holds a B.S. from New York University.


Maria completed a memoir, which was selected as a semi-finalist in the William Faulkner Creative Writing Competition.  She attended Robert McKee’s Story seminar and is currently writing a screenplay, a tale of two journeys: cycling across the country and caring for her mom through a debilitating illness. The movie is meant to convey what she has learned along the way:  life requires strength in the face of adversity, patience when confronted with a challenge and faith when all seems lost.


Some of Our Moments From Recent CA TRIP- ASK About ITALY Oct 19-26/Summer in Maine/ Training Still Has Spots April 26-May 18 in Maine!

Our fabulous group March 9n in Pleasant Hill CA with hosts ERIC and KELLY

Our fabulous group March 9n in Pleasant Hill CA with hosts ERIC and KELLY

Utthita- Hasta

Utthita- Hasta

Moment of Solitude and Meditation for Kent

Moment of Solitude and Meditation for Kent

Golden Bridge LA

This is the beautiful room we taught at in Los Angeles
Golden Bridge,,

Self Realization

Beautiful spot Sewall House Guest wendy took us to where Pramahansa had his first Center..thank you Wendy for being such a great hostess!

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Dates are April 26-May 18

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A special immersion experience away from the crowdsIMG_2380

I Want to Look Like You When I Am 58!!

Today before starting the hatha class at noon in NY City I asked if anyone had remembered the storm of 1996. I did and yesterday subbed at the same place I was teaching that day in 1996, HB Acting School in NY. I remembered that day because I got a phone call, as NY City lay covered in much more snow than it does after last night’s “storm”. There were people cross country skiing on the streets in NY that Monday in 1996. I received a call that my great Aunt Nancy, aged 101, had died the night before. The blanket of snow seemed appropriate to tuck her in to the hereafter. Little did I know that 18 months later I would purchase the house she had cherished and turn it into a yoga retreat to keep its history and legacy alive, and to keep it in the family, When I mentioned to the class that a teacher at HB yesterday asked if I remembered the storm of 49 I said No, I was born in 55! After class a lovely young woman came up and said ” Are you really 58? I want to look like you at 58!” Keep doing yoga, folks, take care of yourself and your thoughts..get enough rest, be authentic and be with the right people!

That is my advice today:)

and count your blessings…IMG_4080

It all helps! Enjoy the snow…..